One in five children will develop a mental health disorder.

Students with mental health struggles are frequently absent from school, experience disruptive behaviors and struggle academically. Unfortunately, between 70-80% of children in need of mental health services do not receive help. 

Schools are where mental health concerns are often first noticed.

However, schools are not traditionally organized to provide mental health services. And unfortunately, community-based providers do not traditionally communicate or collaborate with schools. These systematic issues result in fragmentation of care, and represents an overall silo mentality between professions.

The overall mission of schools is to educate students.

Mental health services provided in schools supports this mission by facilitating student learning.

Breaking down the silos between schools, primary care, and mental health providers will help move from a fragmented approach towards an integrated model of care.

Our logo represents an integrated model of care.

Bending each individual silo towards each other results in the creation of an organized network that represents the new system of care. This integration provides the organizational structure to improve access, helping students get mental health care when they need it.