Mental health issues can disrupt learning. 

Teachers are responsible for academic achievement and classroom management. But this responsibility is becoming increasingly difficult when students have disruptive behaviors or mental health issues.

Some students are coming to school with complex mental health needs that are often going unmet, especially in rural communities. As a result, teachers are witness to extreme behaviors in their classroom.  These extreme behaviors disrupt learning for all students, and can even make the classroom unsafe. 

Schools are the de facto mental health system for kids. 

While this may be jarring to many district leaders and parents, teachers experience this reality on a daily basis. Problems exists in too many of our classrooms.

The services offered by Classroom Clinic may be helpful to students who exhibit disruptive behaviors, or whose learning is being impacted by their mental health struggles. Increasing student support for those needing mental health services will ensure teachers are able to create a conducive and safe learning environment for all their students.