School Counselors

School counselors are a vital part of the educational team.

They help students enhance listening and social skills, teach them how to empathize with others, and assist them in developing healthy peer relationships. They also help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems. School counselors also support school staff by developing programs to address student mental health issues and improve school safety.

Schools are faced with a capacity issue.

There is a steep, and growing, demand for mental health services in our schools. Too many kids need support, but there aren’t enough adults or hours in the day to provide it. The unfortunate reality is school counselors often spend most of their day with students in crisis.

Offering support to the school counselor.

School counselors help bridge the gap between student, families, and community resources. But when the community lacks enough resources for children, or when families lack the means to obtain help for their child, school counselors must look for creative alternatives to provide student support.  Classroom Clinic offers that creative alternative.