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Iowa G2M Accelerator announces 5 startups in its first cohort

By Jake Slobe shared via Clay & Milk

The Iowa Go-To-Market (G2M) Accelerator has announced the five startups that will make up its inaugural 2021 cohort.

The G2M Accelerator is designed to support Iowa companies developing technology-driven innovative products or services that have participated in another incubator, accelerator, or business assistance program, but could benefit from additional focused, customized guidance getting to market.

The inaugural G2M cohort was announced today during a Startup Community Celebration which also honored the graduating ISU Startup Factory Cohort 8 members.

“The partners who envisioned the G2M accelerator are all excited to see it coming to life,” said Jim Register in an announcement. “The inaugural G2M cohort reflects the growing strength of the high-tech startup community in Iowa and we look forward to helping them on their journey to commercial success.”

The following five companies have been accepted into the inaugural 2021 G2M cohort:

CartilaGen (Iowa City)

CartilaGen was founded around a medical technology developed in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Iowa. CartilaGen’s product can prevent the onset of post-traumatic osteoarthritis, an entirely novel feat, fulfilling a clear, unmet medical need.

Classroom Clinic (Carroll)

Classroom Clinic provides rural school districts with timely and convenient access to children’s mental health services through the use of telehealth technologies.

FBB Biomed (Coralville)

FBB Biomed is a biotechnology company creating blood and saliva tests to predict patients’ health outcomes.

Mazen Animal Health (Ames and St. Joseph, MO)

Mazen Animal Health, Inc. is developing and commercializing orally-delivered animal vaccines that revolutionize animal disease prevention and provide elegant solutions to the challenges associated with injectable vaccines.

Sushi3D (Ames)

Sushi3D helps product designers keep their projects on track through rapid delivery of machined prototype parts. The company is building a network of local machine shops and providing them with the technology to automate quoting, planning, and programming to reduce their lead times.

The descriptions of the companies listed above have been provided by Iowa G2M Accelerator.

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