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Grant Funding Accelerates Iowa Startup

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

By Steve Davis shared via Bio::Neos

We love celebrating the successes of our clients, and believe now it is more important than ever to acknowledge these solid wins when there is so much concern and anxiety in our current environment. In this spirit, I would like to tell you a little bit about a startup company from the western side of Iowa that we are working with closely as a technology partner.

Classroom Clinic is a telehealth company that provides mental health services to rural schools. If you ever get a chance to talk to the founder, Sue Gehling, I strongly encourage you take the opportunity to hear more details from her directly. She has a vision for creating a critically important provider that will enable equitable access to these vital services regardless of geography. This truly could be a game changer for rural locations, breaking down barriers to learning and unlocking potential for many young students that already know the value of living in Iowa and the Midwest, and will comprise the next wave of highly skilled workers with a naturally ingrained sense of hard work and perseverance. This is the work force that current companies are constantly searching for, yet struggling to find.

The fact that this work is so critical makes it that much more important that we recognize the perseverance and dedication that Sue is pouring into her startup. The pandemic has only made her work that much more relevant (while multiplying the challenges of building a small business). During the course of building her business, Sue has identified several grant opportunities that directly relate to her work with Classroom Clinic, and as a result a public announcement is in order:

Congratulations to Sue Gehling and Classroom Clinic on receiving a grant from Northwest Iowa Care Connections (NWIACC) and Rolling Hills Community!!

It has been exciting to work alongside Sue and now even more inspiring as the work at Classroom Clinic is being accelerated by 12 months (maybe more) because of this important and well-timed grant.

NWIACC and Rolling Hills are Mental Health and Disability Services Regions that provide leadership and management for mental health and disability services for children and adults throughout several counties in Iowa. The mission is to support improved access to behavioral care for people with mental illnesses and intellectual disabilities through local resources. As part of funds distributed by the Governor of the State of Iowa from the Coronavirus Relief Fund under the CARES Act, NWIACC and Rolling Hills were able to allocate funding to address mental health needs related to COVID-19. We worked directly with Classroom Clinic to propose funding needs that can help to build complementary yet independent advances for the technology platform as a result of each of these grants. Both of these grants were accepted and in fact the work is already underway!

Bio::Neos is proud to be a supporter of all Iowa communities, and we feel our work with Sue at Classroom Clinic exemplifies this support. We hope to be able to continue this support for many years to come. If you know of any other small businesses with technology needs like those of Classroom Clinic, make sure to get them in touch with us!!

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