School Nurses


The school nurse is an integral team member in schools. 

Many children attending schools today have a variety of special healthcare needs, which means the school nurse may be monitoring insulin pumps, administering nebulizer treatments, or even performing tube feedings on any given day. They are experts at recognizing medical problems, and understand the importance of coordinating care.


School nurses are at the forefront of the mental health crisis in schools.

They are in a unique position to spot signs of mental health issues among students and help those who are in need. They notice students who frequently have somatic complaints, such as headaches or stomach aches, and recognize the underlying issue as possible anxiety or depression struggles. They can identify scars that are the result of cutting or other self-harm activities, and appropriately inquire about suicidal ideation.

School nurses understand the priorities of both the medical and educational systems.

They serve as the bridge between the school environment and the medical community. While school nurses are on the frontlines of school health services, they also have the expertise to provide the critical link to successfully implement telehealth technology in the school setting. 

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