About Classroom Clinic

Classroom Clinic is a telehealth company that provides mental health services to rural schools. Our online platform provides schools with timely and convenient access to children's mental health services. We utilize existing technology infrastructure in schools to facilitate telehealth services, allowing patient visits to occur right within the school building.

Why is this needed?

There is a growing and unmet need for child psychiatry services for children living in rural areas. New models of care are necessary to better meet these needs. This platform allows us to connect psychiatric providers with school districts, thereby improving access to children's psychiatric care for rural communities. 

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Sue A. Gehling, PMHNP, FNP

Owner, Classroom Clinic

Why rural schools?

We understand how difficult it is to access child psychiatry services in rural communities because we also live here. Healthcare in rural America can sometimes be challenging. Besides waiting months for an appointment, families may also have to drive significant distances to the provider's office. This means lost seat time for the student, and more time off work for parents. Placing services in the school is convenient. It also helps reduce the stigma often associated with mental health care. 

Why now?

We are determined to help improve children's access to care by utilizing technology and integrating services into nontraditional places. Through creativity and collaboration, we believe we can help address the student mental health needs so many school districts struggle with.